Water for Life

Every minute, four people die because of the lack of water.

In the Western world, we consider it normal to have water, which is actually more valuable than money or material goods. Water is life. Clean water means health. However, ironcially, water is also a source of death. Diseases like cholera, dysenteria, typhoid and many different parasites spread through the use of unclean water. Every day, approximately 6.000 people die because they lack clean water; four people every minute.

Water projects are effective

schoon drinkwater is van levensbelang

Clean water is important for life

GAiN Water for Life has drilled over 1.260 deep water wells since the start in 2005. That means life-changing clean water for more than 1 million people.

A new water well, on the average, provides 1.000 people with access to clean water nearby. A pump improves the health of the villagers and saves time, resulting in opportunities for children to attend school and increased opportunities for work and business. Water is also a key item in the Dutch development policy.

2.5 billion people lack sufficient hygiene because there is too little water. However, a lot of this misery could be prevented. Providing clean drinking water breaks the cycle of suffering and death, and gives life! GAiN Water for Life helps in the rural areas of Benin, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Togo.

Take action

You can help GAiN Water for Life in various ways:

  1. Adopt a village or a deep water well | You will receive reports about the well that is sponsored by you. In that way you can be more aware of the project and track the physical, social and spiritual results of your investment.
  2. Presentation | We’d love to come and tell you more about the (water)projects that change peoples’ lives.
  3. Various campaigns | You can support GAiN in various ways, both as individual and together with others. Organize a sport event or other activity to give publicity to the work of GAiN and to involve more people in our ministry.
  4. Financial support | You can donate to this ministry in several ways: with iDEAL, an authorization or directly via internet banking.

zeer vies drinkwater

More info

Project leader: Fred de Vries

Therefore with joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation. And in that day you will say: ‘Praise the Lord, call upon His name; declare His deeds among the peoples, make mention that His name is exalted.’ Isaiah 12: 3-4