Ukraine is a large country. Political unrest and changing rulers have hindered the stable construction of the society in the past. Currently, the country is also plagued by unrest and violence. The Roma population especially lacks chances in their lives and they live in poverty. There are many organizations actively working in Ukraine. There are still many villages and cities though where there is only little support. GAiN aims, independently or in cooperation with others, to contribute to increasing chances in life, especially for children and youth.

GAiN cooperates with pastor Sergey. He communicates with loiterers in Lutz. He manages a house with a cafe for teenagers; a place where young people can feel at home. Youth often comes in touch with alcohol, drugs and violence at a young age and they learn to survive in wrong ways. Sergey, driven by God’s love, helps youth to make sense of their lives.

2013 vakantie bijbel week Oekraïne GAiN (3)Roma children
GAiN supports so-called Vacation Bible Weeks. During these weeks children experience that they are welcome and precious. The message of the Gospel helps them understand that they are loved. When children trust the workers, this kind of work contributes to the wish of children to make sense of their lives. They develop structure, hygiene and a healthy life style. When they understand that they are precious themselves, they learn to see others that way too.

Go on a mission trip or collect goods
GAiN arranges transports with, amongst others, clothes and school requisites. These are very necessary in the so-called Roma ‘camps’. We encourage people with food packages and mission trips to Ukraine.

  • Jan Boonen is project leader of Ukraine; +31 6 443 185 33
  • You can donate money for this project: NL29ABNA0451636015 | GAiN (Amersfoort), please mention ‘Code 912 – Oekraïne’ in the description.