537838_10151240456627794_278581485_nStructural relief to the needy

Many people live in oppressive situations. GAiN (Global Aid Network) provides structural help to people and organizations in need, but which often do not receive support. We help them via both large scale and individual projects.

GAiN, amongst others, provides structural help in Israel, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine and South Africa.

Large scale projects

In January 2010 a massive earthquake struck Haiti. GAiN became involved in the rebuilding process of children’s village Ca-Ira. Here, we focused on rebuilding the dorms, sanitary facilities and school.

Small scale projects

Saeed is a christian Palestine living in Israel, which is why he actually does not belong anywhere. GAiN helped him with food, clothes and fixing his laptop.

Saeed later e-mailed us, saying: “Many thanks for your help to my family and other families in town. We appreciate the various ways of support. The fixed pc is a blessing for me and my family; it eases the communication.”

Cooperation with other points of focus

Structural help often intertwines with the four other points of focus of GAiN. Also, the relief is often provided via local churches, so that they have chances to preach the gospel to their fellow nationals.

Shortlist humanitarian help

Afghanistan | Medical supplies for hospitals. Help for returning refugees.
Benin |
Medical clinics in the countryside, sending of medical and counseling teams, water sources.
| three months of food support to 2.500 people of the Borena tribe.
Haiti (prior to earthquake) | Distribution of seeds, clothes and food to needy families. Also provision of hospital beds and medical supplies.
Haiti (after earthquake) | Distribution of materials for rebuilding. Lead (groups of) volunteers who contribute to the rebuilding process.
Israel | Warm Houses project for Holocaust-survivors, support of Domari in Jerusalem.
North Korea | Distribution of (baby) food and clothes to orphans.
Paraguay | Distribution of food and clothes to poor families in the countryside.
Romania | Structural relief with several projects for the Roma population.
Slovenia | Distribution of goods to several Roma settlements.
South Africa | Help with childcare and a sewing project in the slums.
Sudan | Distribution of food to refugees from Darfur and South Sudan.
Uganda | Distribution of food and clothes for orphans and homeless children.
Ukraine | Structural relief to Roma, Jewish people and other vulnerable groups in society.

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