header-Zuid-AfrikaGAiN is actively working in the slums around the city Port Shepstone in South Africa. Each year, groups of people, including families, come into action and make a mission trip. During these mission trips there are building activities, prayer walks, children’s ministry and micro-credit projects.

Zuid-Afrika-bouw crecheBuilding nurseries
In the past years several nurseries have been built, therefore children (with aids) now get a decent day care. There are grannies who care for twenty children in barely nine square meter space. Such rooms lack windows and it smells. All they have is one table and a few chairs. The nurseries we build bring new hope to children and new perspectives. These also provide kitchens with large cupboards, to facilitate the cooking of meals.




Zuid-Afrika-naaiprojectSewing project for South African seamstresses
In 2013 GAiN started a sewing project with some women from the slums. The aim of the project is that women build self-confidence and generate some income by selling the hand-made products. Some sewing machines were donated, there have been a few lessons and we started a sewing group which will continue independently. The ultimate wish is that the sales of the Royal Township Line will eventually lead to self-support and that the project will be expanded to other townships.




You can donate to projects in South Africa via IBAN NL29ABNA0451636015 GAiN te Amersfoort (code 7000)
Gerrit van Wijngaarden is project leader South Africa | contact