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The situation
Slovenia is also called the pearl of Central Europe. This beautiful, relatively prosperous country has an, often hidden, problem. An estimated number of 10.000 till 15.000 Roma people live in Slovenia. They mostly live in the northeastern province Prekmurje and the southeastern province Dolenjska. Many Roma settlements lack decent housing. Sometimes the access to water and electricity is also missing. The lack of sanitation is not only a daily recurring problem, but also threatens the hygiene of Roma settlements. Only few Roma have (registrered) jobs and part of the children lacks sufficient education. Unfortunately there are very few organizations active to work on a structural basis towards the improvement of the situation.

How is GAiN helping?
GAiN is touched by the situation of the Slovenian Roma and aims to work towards breaching the cycle of poverty and discrimination by practical help. We regularly organize transport with relief goods to Slovenia. We also have an agreement of cooperation with a local church; we support them financially, so they can, on a local scale, carry out several projects among the Roma population. GAiN thinks it is important to work with local organizations, because that enables us to guarantee help for the longer term.

Dobruska vas 2 - J. van ZoestWhat is the work of GAiN in Slovenia?
From the end of 2014 onwards we have dealt with several short term requests for help. This mainly concerned demand-driven transports. We therewith supported the distribution of relief goods in several Roma settlements. We also supported work with children, for example with an afterschool program. In 2017 we started a cooperation with a local church in the northeast, so we can carry out local projects. This, for example, concerns a Christmas project, organizing camps for Roma children and ecclesial activities for Roma.

Places where we offer help
GAiN provides help in the surroundings of Murska Sobota, in the northeastern province Prekmurje. Also, we seek ways to provide help in the surroundings of Kocevje, in the province Dolenjska, in the southern part of Slovenia.

Help GAiN help others!
To organize the mentioned ways of providing relief and to guarantee these for the longer term, your support is very welkcome! You can help GAiN continue the work in Slovenia by giving a donation. Do you want to help in another (practical) way? Please contact Janine van Zoest.

  • Janine van Zoest is project leader Slovenia; (0031) (0)6 31 09 53 63
  • Give a donation by means of an authorization, iDEAL or own banking to NL29ABNA0451636015 to GAiN in Amersfoort, please mention ‘Code 7052 Roma projecten Slovenië’. Thank you!