In friendship and mutual respect, GAiN (Global Aid Network) connects with the Jewish people in the calling to restore the world (tikoen olam) with justice and righteousness. GAiN therefore provides aid for the needy, independent of religion, belief or etnicity. Every person counts. GAiN projects in Israel are important as a sign of solidarity with the country and the people of Israel.

Israel has few friends in the world. The Jewish people experiences increasing pressure. Anti-Semitism, antipathy against all that is Jewish, indifference and incomprehension are never far in the church and in the society. This is also the case in Europe and Western countries. Whoever reads the Biblical prophecies knows that Israel and Jerusalem have a central position in the coming of the coming kingdom of peace.

GAiN asks for your support for relief projects, takes you on a mission trips for personal encounters and cooperates with others to give substance to the solidarity with Israel.

Holocaustslachtoffers HolocaustoverlevendenHolocaust survivors

The Shalom Houses of our Israeli partner Helping Hand Coalition weekly organizes meetings for Holocaust survivors. Many elderly that made Alijah from Eastern Europe are now living below the poverty line. During the meetings, people get a good meal, experience the loving care of volunteers and there is room for sharing their life stories. There is much need for cultural meetings. GAiN supports activities that break the isolation of elderly and encourage them.

Israelreis reis naar JeruzalemCooperation for Israel

GAiN thinks it is important to consultate with others in the Israel network. Do you share this vision, then we use your donation to organize a transport with relief goods together with others or we benefit a project which we visit during a mission trip. You can underline our vision for cooperation and support the Jewish people and / or people in Israel.

Mission tripsmiddellandse zee

Discover Israel with GAiN and use your talent(s) to encourage both young and elderly people in Israel. It is possible to, for example, help in a soup kitchen or with a short construction project during a mission trip. Also, you should enjoy the country. You can go on a mission trip alone or with a group.

FZSFor Zions Sake

Holocaust survivors, new citizens, young soldiers without families and sometimes Arabic people from the neighbourhood receive clothes and other goods from a distribution point in Jerusalem. The owner, For Zions Sake, also has a chalet in Switzerland where people can find some rest. From here, Holocaust survivors visit swiss schools to share their stories.


Domari in Israel

Approximately 2.000 Domari (related to Roma) are living in Israel. 1.200 of them in Jerusalem. This population is part of neither population groups in Israel. GAiN provides aid to the Domari community centre in Jerusalem, which is managed by Amoun Sleem.


You can help

  • invite us for a presentation
  • become a (promoting) volunteer for GAiN

Many nations shall be joined to the Lord in that day,
and they shall become My people. And I will dwell in your midst.
Zechariah 2: 11

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