GAiN (Global Aid Network)
is een wereldwijde organisatie die
Gods liefde uitdraagt door noodhulp
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Serbia – help for refugees

servie-6-miniSince the end of 2015 GAiN is cooperating with a local church in Serbia to provide help for refugees. We had monthly teams traveling to Serbia and helping with food distribution, children’s ministry and encouraging refugees that live in the camps or at the streets.
In March 2016 the border between Greece and Macedonia closed, and the refugee stream to the Balkan stopped. GAiN decided to relocate their work to Greece, where still lots of refugees arrived and couldn’t continue their journey. We worked there for 8 months.
Recently the pastor of the church GAiN is cooperating with in Serbia contacted us again because of the huge need of the stranded refugees in Serbia. He asked us if we could come over again and help. Still many refugees are living there, without any possibilities to leave the country. In Belgrade lots of them are living on the street or in illegal buildings. There are also a few refugee camps where GAiN cooperates with the Red Cross for food distribution. The ask for help is huge, especially now during the winter.
Practical help
This trip will focus on the homeless refugees in Belgrade, in Sid (close to the border with Croatia) and more up north where a new refugee camp was started. We will help provide food packages and clothes, but there will also be time to spend with the kids and to meet with refugees and trying to encourage them. We will also give attention to the Roma-community in this part of the country. This community is hugely disadvantaged and could use many help with food and fuel for the stove (mainly wood).
More information
We will stay at the local church in Backa Palanka. The price for this mission trip is € 300,- including transfers, accommodation and food, but excluding the flight. A flight ticket costs approximately € 250,-. Participants for this mission trip need to be 17 years or older. You can apply for this mission trip via the application form.

If you need more information, you can contact Dick van Suilichem, assistant manager Mission Trips (06 5383 7898).

We welcome donations for this project! Donations can be transferred via iDEAL, an authorization or directly to bank account NL29 ABNA 0451636015 for GAiN in Amersfoort. Please mention ‘Code 7063 – Refugee help’.

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