Inequality is present in all cultures, languages and times. Injustice reigns both far off and close by. GAiN (Global Aid Network) commits itself to a more balanced world with less poverty. We believe that every person counts and that God loves every person, regardless of religion or ethnicity.

GAiN values cooperation, which is why we cooperate especially with partners who focus on ‘development plus’ in which ‘word and deed’ go together in a balanced way. Over two thousand times, the Bible mentions doing justice. Employees of GAiN feel personally called by God to commit themselves to justice, far off and close by.
Helping and caring are not independent factors. Fighting injustice is possible in many different ways. GAiN perceives it to be a duty to involve others in the projects of GAiN through finances, prayer, goods, mission trips and the transfer of knowledge. You can help making a difference!5

GAiN provides worldwide support and has been operational in the Netherlands since 2008. The global aid organization is active in over fifty countries and has over 10.000 volunteers. GAiN is a network of Christians worldwide and cooperates with local churches throughout the world.
GAiN has five focal points: mission trips, logistics, relief aid, development aid and Water for Life.


GAiN gratefully receives both large and small gifts. Only ten percent of project donations and gifts for employees is deducted for overhead costs, amongst others for communication, fundraising and organization. GAiN strives to minimize the overhead; we have an unpaid director, no permanent office and we mostly work digital. In total (gifts and goods), 93 percent is destined for the set goals.

Meaning of the name GAiN

The letters from the word GAiN are an abbreviation of Global Aid Network. We aspire to help people in need. Isaiah 58: 7 emphasizes to care for your fellow human beings. The literal translation of GAiN refers to us offering practical help and bringing hope. God loves people. It is our wish to ‘gain them for Christ’.

International network

Global Aid Network aims to show the love of God in words and deeds. GAiN is a partner of the Agapè foundation, which is part of the international organization Campus Crusade for Christ. GAiN is located in Australia, Austria, Canada, England, Germany, Korea, Netherlands, Spain and the United States. GAiN does not have an international headquarters.

GAiN hulp in Afrika

A rich history

GAiN was established in 1991 as a humanitarian project for the former Soviet Union. GAiN currently has ten offices in ‘the West’ and worldwide projects in over fifty countries. Throughout the years, a value of 140 million euro has been distributed (goods and finances). GAiN is represented in the Netherlands since 24 June 2008.

Purpose of GAiN

GAiN supports the needy by providing humanitarian aid. GAiN distributes relief goods to people in need, according to Isiah 58: 7:

Is it not sharing your bread with the hungry and bringing the homeless poor into your house, covering the naked when you see them, and not hiding from your own family?


GAiN is an organization focused on compassion. Employees offer concrete practical help. Additionally, GAiN offers spiritual support so that people hear about Jesus. The people of GAiN are ambassadors of Jesus. This is the bottom line of the organization and it helps us to reach out to the less fortunate in the world..

Five focal points

  1. 1. Mission trips| Far off or close by, GAiN offers active trips, during which you offer help and experience the local culture.
  2. Logistics | Throughout the world, we deliver relief goods, with our trailer or in a container.
  3. Development aid | Via local churches we offer long-term help, therewith cooperating with partners to build the future of the needy.
  4. Emergency aid | When disasters strike, the emergency team DART (Disaster Assistance and Response Team) undertakes action. The team is specialized in the provision of first aid and coping with trauma.
  5. Water for Life | Billions of people lack clean (drinking) water. Together with clean water, GAiN also offers the Living Water.