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We are experiencing an increasing number of disasters in the end of times. GAiN responds to this with emergency relief, amongst others with our emergency team DART.


ramp aardbeving voedseldistributie rampgebied haitiDART means Disaster Assistance and Response Team. This team undertakes action after heavy (natural) disasters. Dependent on the location and available staff, a European team is composed. The team mainly consists of capable people who make their time available.


Annually, about 400 disasters take place worldwide, resulting in approximately 250 million victims. GAiN is actively providing emergency relief and is 24/7 available. When a disaster strikes, GAiN CEO’s decide how to respond. Several questions are then reviewed: ‘Is GAiN going to provide help itself? Which GAiN-country is the lead-agent? Will GAiN help via partners or do we not undertake action?’

Emergency relief to structural relief

When DART takes action, it provides first aid, distributes goods and investigates the needs for further relief. Meanwhile, finances for relief become available via actions and donations. When there is a possibility to provide relief for a longer term, a plan is made for reconstruction and structural relief for several years.

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Experience with emergency aid

In the meantime GAiN has increased its experience with emergency aid. GAiNB is connected to a worldwide network in 192 countries and often cooperates with local churches and organizations. Therefore, GAiN can provide relief in areas where the need is critique.

Past emergency relief:

Nepal | distribution of goods and reconstruction after massive earthquake (2015)
Iraq | distribution to refugees in Kurdish autonomous area (2014)
Philippines | food packages and reconstruction after super typhoon Haiyan (2013)
East Europe | fighting extreme winter with providing wood and soup kitchens (2012)
Horn of Africa | Drought and famine, food aid for Borana population (2011)
Japan | Tsunami and nuclear disaster; relief via CCCJ and Crash Japan (2011)
Albania | Floodings, distribution of goods (2011)
Pakistan | Floodings, distribution of goods (2010)
Haiti | DART Emergency relief to victims of massive earthquakeB (2010)
Philippines | DART Emergency relief to victims of typhone Ketsana (2009)
Myanmar | DART Emergency relief to victims of cyclone Nargis (2008)
Haiti | DART Emergency relief to victims of floodings (2008)
Pakistan | DART Emergency relief to victims of earthquake (2005)
New Orleans | Distribution of food, water and blankets to victims of hurricane Katrina (2005)
Sri Lanka | Distribution of food and clothes to victims of tsunami(2004)
Indonesia | Distribution of food and clothes to victims of tsunami (2004)
Sudan | DART Food aid for refugees in Darfur (2003)
Iraq | DART Support of refugees after Gulf War (2003)
Afghanistan | DART Support of returning refugees after the fall of the Taliban (2002)

More information:

Dick van Suilichem | 06-53837898 | Nieuws over rampen | Geven aan rampen

Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, to bring the poor that are cast out to your house? When you see someone naked, that you cover him; and that you do not hide yourself from your own flesh?B Isaiah 58: 7